Social-Emotional Learning Center

Social-Emotional Learning is often described as the process through which children and adults obtain the interpersonal skills to identify emotions, set goals, show empathy, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Discovery Education’s Social-Emotional Learning Center presents a curated collection of resources that support professional development, SEL integration into classrooms, and student-facing digital content for all grades.

Self-Awareness and Self-Care

Discover videos, activities, and articles that teach students about self-awareness, meditation, and ways to manage their emotions.

Social Awareness and Responsibility

Examine ready-to-use activities that help students acquire and build social skills.


Find resources that lead students through guided meditation exercises.

Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem

Find resources that teach students about believing in themselves, developing confidence, and sustaining positive emotions.


Delve into resources that help students reach agreements through empathetic listening and communication.

Stress Management

Examine resources that help students manage stress in healthy ways.

#MyYoungerSelf Series

Check out the #MyYoungerSelf series, from the Child Mind Institute, in which celebrities and newsmakers talk about the ways they have overcome challenges with their mental health.

Soar with Wings Series

Explore a collection from Soar with Wings with a Virtual Field Trip and educator resources that help strengthen students' SEL skills.

Get Along Monsters Series

Discover a collection of videos that teach about empathy, compromise, and boundary-setting.

Stronger Together Series

Discover the Stronger Together Series, from the NBA, WNBA, and Child Mind Institute, which teaches students how to manage stress.

My Mindful Music Series

Explore a collection of songs that encourage students to practice mindfulness.

#WeThriveInside Series

Explore the #WeThriveInside series, from the Child Mind Institute, in which celebrities share tips on how to thrive in uncertain times.

Operation Prevention: Culture-Based Series

Find activities and presentations from Operation Prevention about the Native American values of wellness, strength, and balance.