Social-Emotional Learning Center

Social-Emotional Learning is often described as the process through which children and adults obtain the interpersonal skills to identify emotions, set goals, show empathy, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Discovery Education’s Social-Emotional Learning Center presents a curated collection of resources that support professional development, SEL integration into classrooms, and student-facing digital content for all grades.

The Social-Emotional Learning Center is made in part by the generosity of The Allstate Foundation and support from the National AfterSchool Association. In the continued effort to keep communities connected, these industry leaders have come together to provide critical, culturally relevant social-emotional learning resources into core instruction to educators and students nationwide.

The Allstate Foundation

The Allstate Foundation champions SEL and service-learning programs to empower youth to build the just, equitable and healthy world we all deserve. The Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations to create a continuum of SEL and service-learning programming that supports youth in school, after school, at home and in their communities. In 2020, The Allstate Foundation supported 15.4 million youth to become a positive force in the world. ​More information on The Allstate Foundation is available at


National AfterSchool Association

The National Afterschool Association is the national professional membership association for people who work with and on behalf of youth during out-of-school time. It uses its purpose, position, and partnerships to build equity and connections through essential strategic areas to build the skills of afterschool professionals and leaders and to create a strong, valued profession.


Ask, Listen, Learn

Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix is the most widely-distributed underage drinking prevention program of its kind. Developed and distributed by, and recognizing more than a decade of success, the program has innovative, science and evidence-based digital resources for teachers, counselors, school nurses and other educators that teach kids about what the brain does, what alcohol does to it, and what that does to you. The program also includes resources for parents, such as conversation starters and tips, to help kids say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. Ask, Listen, Learn features a seven-part animation series with corresponding lesson plans that align with National Health Education, Common Core State, and Next Generation Science Standards, to ensure synergy with curriculum teachers already have in place in the classrooms. This alignment also ensures that the resources can be used in multiple education settings, such as science and health classes. Program content regarding the effects of alcohol on the developing brain was reviewed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and is consistent with currently available science. For more information, visit